Go to Jeju Island by Ferry

Generally, many people go to Jeju Island by plane.

When people arrive on Jeju Island, they rent a car around the airport and enjoy sightseeing.

However, on this trip, I traveled to Jeju Island by passenger ship instead of by plane. If you use a passenger ship, you can bring your own car, which is more convenient.

I went to the port located in ‘Yeosu’ to catch a boat that departs at 01:20am.

We got the car on the ferry first, then went back to the boarding point and got on the ship from there.

For reference, I’ll tell you about the boat (HANIL GOLD STELLA) we rode on.

Route: Jeju Island <-> Yeosu, Jeollanam-do (distance 203 km)

Required time: 5 hours 30 minutes Passenger capacity: 948 people

Vehicle capacity: 343 units (based on passenger vehicles)

Operating speed: up to 24 knots(The operating speed is 44,448 km/h)

Vessel size: 160M in length, vhr24M/21989t

Year of launch: 2020

We walked up the high stairs and boarded the boat.

Inside the ship, there are a restaurant, an arcade, and several sofas to relax on.

We got on board, got our room key, and went up to the second floor.

There are several lodging facilities on the ship. Among them, we stayed in a cabin deluxe.

We booked a room with a bed because we wanted to rest for 5 hours on the boat, instead of resting on the sofa or playing in the arcade.

The room has two chairs, a refrigerator, a double bed, a toilet, and a shower.

The room also has a terrace. It was winter, so it was very cold, so I couldn’t enjoy the view of the sea from the terrace.

There is also a restaurant on board, and we had seaweed soup and bibimbap.

After 5 hours of voyage, we arrived at Jeju Port.

We had pork noodle soup and pork noodle soup.

You must try these foods when you come to Jeju Island.

Arriving at the accommodation we had reserved, we took a walk around the nearby sea.

There was a welcome snack in the hotel. It was a snack with hallabong, but the taste was just so-so.

The sea is in front of the hotel, so it was nice to be able to see the sea at any time.

We had lunch at a restaurant near the beach across from the hotel.

There were no people on the second floor of the restaurant, and the view was good.

It wasn’t Jeju’s specialty food, but it was very tasty.

In the evening we had beer and chicken on the roof of the hotel.

At night, the wind was stronger and colder, but a beautiful dome was prepared for that, so I spent a warm time in it.

The next morning we took a pleasant walk in the sea.

In front of the cafe, we also looked at the heart decorations that the owner made beautifully with conch shells.

I found a bakery near the hotel, and this was Jeju’s luxury barley red bean bread.

The red bean was moderately sweet, and the bread was fluffy and quite soft.

We drove out and went to the sea farther away. This trip to Jeju Island mainly went to the sea.


We stopped by a small ‘Christmas Village’ for a while and looked at the Christmas decorations.

In the afternoon, we went to Lotte Hotel Jeju. The garden there and the promenade leading to the sea are beautiful, so I definitely stop by when I go to Jeju Island.

The scenery as the sun was setting was so beautiful.

It was a very comfortable and enjoyable trip because I was able to take my car by boat.

It’s been a while, but Happy New Year everyone~

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