Popular historical drama K-drama ‘ The Red Sleeve’

I would like to introduce the historical drama ‘The Red Sleeve’, which aired from November 21st to January 22nd.

This drama has a total of 17 episodes and can be viewed on streaming ‘wave’ and ‘Coupang Play’.

This work, which was extremely popular in Korea, is a romance genre in which the male protagonist, who was a prince, falls in love with the female protagonist, who is a court lady in the process of becoming a king.

let’s get started with the introduction.

1. 'The Red Sleeve' is a drama based on an original novel based on a historical true story.

This is a story about King Jeongjo of the Joseon Dynasty, which has already been made into movies and dramas several times.

Many people were moved by the true story of the king choosing only one woman and loving it for the rest of his life among the numerous arranged marriages in the royal court.

                                                                                                     the portrait of a king

2. This drama focuses on the life of a court lady.

Even before, there have been many movies and dramas about ‘Jeongjo’ (one of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty). ‘The Red Sleeve’ focuses more on the life of a court lady.

‘The Red Sleeve’ means a court lady.

Because the sleeves of the dresses worn by court ladies are red, ‘The Red Sleeve’ symbolizes the court ladies.

In the palace, all the court ladies are the king’s women, and if they get Seung-eun, they can become his concubines or queens.

The meaning of ‘seung-eun’ here is ‘the king’s grace’, in other words, to spend one night with the king.

You can know a little more about the life of a court lady in this drama. However, the character of the female protagonist is a little different from the general court lady or woman of the time.

In the drama, the female protagonist is not simply a subject of romance for the king, but a woman who wants to carve out her own life with her own dreams.

3. The outstanding acting skills and chemistry of the male and female protagonists stand out.

One of the reasons why this drama received so much love is because of the male and female protagonists.

Both of them showed excellent acting skills and beautiful harmony.


The male lead was played by ‘Lee Jun-ho’, a member of the famous Korean idol group ‘2PM’. 

In the photo above, the person wearing the red cardigan is Junho Lee.

The female lead was played by Lee Se-young, who debuted as a child actress in 1997.

She has over 20 years of acting experience.( she was born in 1992.)

4. You can see the beautiful appearance of the palace.

This drama has excellent visuals.

You can appreciate the beautiful interior and exterior scenery of the old Joseon Dynasty palace.

It is also fun to look at the beautiful costumes that appear in the drama.

‘The Red Sleeve’ is an overwhelmingly great drama that has come out in a long time and has been loved by everyone.

I recommend you to watch this drama, where you can see the royal courts of the Joseon Dynasty and the lives of kings and court ladies.

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