Introduction to traditional Korean sweets that are often eaten today

Today, I will introduce Korean traditional sweets that are delicious and good for health.

One of the most common Korean traditional sweets is ‘Pung-tui-gi’.

‘Pung-tui-gi’ is a snack  made by putting rice, potatoes, corn, etc. in a mold, sealing it, heating it, and then deep-frying it. It got its name from the popping sound it makes when fried.

Traditional Korean sweets were mainly sold on street trucks.

These days, shops specializing in ‘Pung-tui-gi’ that were only sold in trucks or traditional markets have appeared.

The shop is full of sweets that I have seen often, as well as rare sweets.

Now, shall we look at sweets together?

There are sliced lotus root chips, sweets made from seaweed, red pepper powder corn, and sesame gangjeong (confectionery made by hardening sesame seeds in honey). As you can see in the picture, most of the sweets cost around 3,000 won.

The tofu bun (flat-fried cookies made by mixing tofu and flour) also looks delicious.

Cinnamon-scented sweets remind me of my childhood.

It is said that rainbow-colored snacks have a variety of sweet and sour flavors as much as their colorful colors..

There is also a snack covered in soybean powder on fried sweets. They also sell my favorite fried corn snack.

What I bought from the store are the above two snacks. One is a wheat corn snack and the other is a snack made from rice.

The snack above is made by deep-fried rice grains, then coated with honey and hardened. sweet and crunchy.

The above snack is delicious to eat as is, but it tastes even better when you add milk, maple syrup, cereal, and a little bit of nuts.

When you visit Korea, be sure to try Korean traditional sweets.

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