What makes BTS (Bulletproof Boy Scouts)different from other idol groups (Part2.)

BTS Grammy
6. Sincerity

One of their characteristics that cannot be left out is that they are always sincere when dealing with music or performing.

Their performances are different from flashy performances without content.

They always convey their stories and feelings in music, expressing them with all their heart.

They comfort many people with social issues or lyrics about the mind or heart that everyone can relate to.

When I see their stage, I feel like I am appreciating an art with a single message. (This is my personal thought ^^)

7. Good influence & ARMY (fandom name)
BTS Grammy

It is extremely rare for idols to exert a good influence around the world.

They touch the hearts of the people of the world to give them healing and hope.

Furthermore, the people who love BTS make themselves better people.

ARMY, a fandom that loves BTS, leads social movements or charity events with good influence.

They played a major role in spreading the anti-racism message in Black Lives Matter, and raised and donated $1 million for this human rights movement.

They also donated thousands of dollars to those who have been affected by the novel coronavirus infection.

As the culture of expensive gifts, previously referred to as “*tribute”, has been transformed into a culture of donation, it is regarded as a good example of good influence.

*the meaning of tribute : Fans sending expensive gifts to their favorite stars

8. Unity among members
BTS Grammy

It is not easy for 7 men to live together for more than 10 years. Ordinary idol groups stop living in the dorms and live independently a few years after their debut.

However, the members of BTS continue to live with 7 members until today after their debut. As for the reason for living together, They said that it is because living together is fun and apart is lonely.

And when asked what was the reason for the good relationship between the members, They said that they did not accumulate problems or complaints by fighting frequently and reconciling immediately.They said that even if two of the members quarrel, all of the members participate and reconcile.

In my personal opinion, the members seem to like each other so much, and it seems that everyone looks at each other cutely no matter what the members do. Even when appearing in entertainment shows, the members respond well to each other. So, it seems that more natural and fun scenes are produced more comfortably when performing entertainment with only BTS members.

It is not easy for ordinary idols to renew their contract after 7 years. BTS signed another 7-year contract in 2020.

The appearance of 7 members getting along well with each other brings healing to the audience who saw it, and at the same time makes the audience themselves form better relationships with others.

BTS Grammy

In July 2019, Embrain Trend Monitor, a Korean market research company, conducted a BTS-related survey to 1,000 people aged 16 to 64 and announced the results.

64.2% of respondents said, “BTS seems to have a good influence on youth and young people.”

And the reason why BTS is likable, they are constantly striving for high popularity, the dance and performance skills and music skills, not doing deviant behavior and conceptual behavior.

As above, I have dealt with the characteristics of BTS.

One of the biggest reasons for BTS popularity is his ability as a musician.

Their beautiful music that gives empathy and comfort, and their vocals and raps that always stand out live, and their perfect performance that makes the music stand out even more.

In addition, as a bonus, when you get to know each member’s character, personality, and family-like relationship between members, you become more and more attracted to them.

Another characteristic of BTS is that their dances, songs, raps, music videos, costumes, etc. really bring joy to all the professionals.

Vocal trainers and composers make reaction videos about their music, and people related to dance (dancers, dancers, choreographers, etc.) react to their performances. Also, rappers listen to their raps.

And music directors, cinematographers, and MV directors watch their music videos with interest.

As such, BTS, which has fans of various races and ages, will be burdened because experts in various fields are also interested. However, the big advantage of BTS is that it overcomes the burden and writes a new history every time.

BTS Grammy

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