Introduction of 5 K-dramas featuring K-pop idols

Did you know that some of the cool actors appearing in Korean dramas are from famous idols? 

Not only are they visually outstanding, but they are also good at acting. Let me introduce 5 K dramas featuring K-pop idols. 

It is a great opportunity to learn about drama information and K POP idols.

1. Extraordinary You

‘Ro-woon’ of the KPOP boy group SF9 appeared. He made his face known a lot with this drama.

Drama plot: One day, high school girl “Dan-oh” goes through a time slip and finds a comic book in the library. 

It is a fantasy-like story in which love is achieved by meeting a male student (Ro-woon) in the extra role in the comic book.

‘Roun’ is one of the members of the KPOP 9-member idol group SF9.


 In the drama,  Rowoon’s height is 190cm(6.2ft), and because of the difference in height from the female actor 160cm(5.2ft), many viewers felt a lot of charm in their height difference.

2. True Beauty

 ‘Cha Eun-woo’ of boy group ‘ASTRO’ appeared.

It is a webtoon original and is famous for the synchro rate of actors appearing in webtoon drawings and actual dramas.

Drama plot: It is a romantic comedy about a high school girl. The girl with an appearance complex becomes a goddess because of her makeup skills. Such a girl shares her secret with a boy and grows up with each other.

3. Live On

The hottest web drama “LIVE ON”, which began broadcasting this month, is a romance story unfolding in the high school broadcasting department.


Hwang Hyun-min‘, a former member of ‘Wanna One’ and now a member of’NUEST‘, appeared.

The pleasure of seeing his stable pronunciation and acting will be great.


4. Love Revolution

It is a drama based on a webtoon.

Drama plot: Ordinary high school student Soonjeongnam Gongju Youngeun
When he sees the harsh and cold girl, Wang Ja-rim, he falls in love.

It is fun to see cute and handsome guys.

‘Park Ji-hoon’, former ‘Wanna One ‘member appeared.  He is now a solo singer.

‘Young-hoon’ of ‘THE BOYS‘, appeared. 


5. Mermaid Prince

It is a teen romance drama that a high school girl who does not believe in love, met a boy called ‘The Mermaid Prince’.

‘Moonbin’ of boy group’ASTRO’ and ‘Wheesung’ of ‘SF9′ appeared.

How did you guys see it?

Today, I introduced you a Korean idol drama that is currently being broadcast or will be broadcast in the future.

Through the drama above, meet the stars from idols who have great faces and great acting.

If you have any other questions, please leave it in the comments~

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