Periodic Skin Care Method to Improve Acne Skin

I have had a lot of worries these days because of my skin problems. While I can’t find a solution, I’m going to introduce a cosmetic product that has been recommended for improvement.

This time, it seems that I have found a cosmetic product that can help manage acne. ^^ I have investigated the causes of skin problems from various angles. Among them, I found that exfoliation is one of the very important improvement methods. ^^

DIOMER Facial Purifying Mask is a beauty shop distribution brand, so it feels like a lot of luxury ^^ But don’t worry. That doesn’t mean the price is very high. It is a cosmetic product that is easily available in Korea, and it is often discounted, so it seems that you can save money by purchasing it in time.

I said that exfoliation is important for acne skin trouble management! But actually I don’t like using peeling gels. I feel that is a little bit overly stimulating.?! It’s artificially forced to be pushed out. Even that is because all of the upper skin cells are dead

People who have tried it say that I don’t need to be worried! But, I’m a bit skeptical about how to do it in a chemical way. That is why I have been trying to find a natural scrub, and this is just that!!

It’s an acne cosmetic pack that can also manage sebum~~!

It has apricot seed powder and rice powder inside, so if you wash your face with light rubbing when you wash it off later, it feels like you can clean up dead skin cells.

There is kaolin as one of key ingredients. This is a naturally derived ingredient with excellent adsorption and oil absorption.

It helps to clean and manage pores by adsorbing waste products such as dead skin cells and sebum.

Contains AHA and BHA, which are essential for acne-friendly cosmetics!!

This is an ingredient specialized for antibacterial action. It is an ingredient that penetrates deep into the pores and can be effectively managed. It dissolves the dead skin cells that are blocking the pores, so you can see the improvement of the skin texture immediately!

The included Eoseongcho extract is a good ingredient for troubled skin.

Because this is an ingredient that suppresses the secretion of sebaceous glands. It seemed to be very good for those who often suffer from skin problems.

This product is very soft to apply.

There are some famous one around, but it was a bit stiff, so the lumps just fell off after applying or it was a little stiff, so it was difficult to apply, but this product is not.

With peppermint oil, apply gently! So I can apply it well without falling

These little grains are natural scrubs!

Apricot seed powder and rice powder!! When you apply it all over like that, it doesn’t have a scrub effect, it’s when you wash it off.

It’s a natural scrub, so it’s not very irritating.

Now let’s feel the difference after use this Korean cosmetics

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