How to Stop Skin Problems by Wearing Face Mask in Covid-19

Wearing a face mask during the coronavirus epidemic has become as common as wearing clothes. Some people only wear it or walk in grocery stores. Others wear it all day.

If have have COVID-19 and you don’t know it, it will help protect others from infection.

But if you wear it for a long time, your skin may be pressed  and moistened, resulting in pressure, irritation, rash, and acne (called “mask four”) .  Even skin infections. And then you could be suffered from skin  problems by wearing face mask.

Wearing face mask due to COVID19

1. Types of skin problems brought by the mask

Because of Corona 19, sebum secretion, keratin, and Bacteria reproduction caused by wearing a mask for a long time can block pores and cause various inflammations. In addition, synthetic fibers, rubber bands, metal for nose shape, constituting the mask, can directly or indirectly irritate the skin, causing contact dermatitis

Symptoms of skin trouble caused by wearing a mask are as follows

Skin troubles by wearing face mask due to COVID19

1) Acne on the face

The most common symptom of skin trouble is acne around the mouth.

When the mask is worn, the temperature and humidity increase and sebum secretion becomes active, causing acne.

If you have existing acne skin, it is likely to get worse

2) Irritation/allergic contact dermatitis

Fine friction occurs in the process of wearing and taking off the mask and speaking while wearing it. At this time, a lot of contact dermatitis occurs in the area where friction occurs with the mask, such as the ears, under the eyes, and the chin.

In addition, allergic contact dermatitis may occur due to adhesives, and metal wires, synthetic fibers such as polyester which are mainly used when manufacturing masks

3) Folliculitis

As dermatitis weakens the skin barrier, it is susceptible to secondary bacterial infections on the weakened skin.  At this time, folliculitis occurs with yellow pus forming on the hair follicle.

2. How to care for skin trouble caused by wearing a mask?

Because of COVID 19 Pandemic, face mask is essential for our life. Tons of people are suffering from SKIN PROBLEMS cause by WEARING FACE MASK these day. Unfortunately, most of them do not know the HOW-TO  to take care of this skin  problems by mask wearing. Now you will find them here.

1) Wash your face as soon as possible, and do not exfoliate.

take care skin problems cause by wearing face mask

Immediately after returning home, wash away the area where the mask and skin are in contact, removing any substances that may cause rashes.   At this time, the irritation may go, so use a weakly acidic cleanser and avoid using exfoliants as much as possible.   When exfoliation, it is difficult to protect the skin from external bacteria or environmental changes

2) How to care for acne symptoms

If acne is swelling, squeeze it immediately.   If you can’t squeeze it, it’s a good idea to put a patch on it, but when you wear a mask, it’s good to take the patch off.   Small acne is not forced to squeeze.   Instead, pay attention to strengthen skin immunity

3) Which cosmetics should be used?

cosmetics for skin trouble by wearing face mask

If allergic contact dermatitis occurs, use of cosmetics should be minimized unconditionally.

If trouble occurs around the mouth, clean the area around the mouth after eating and keep it clean.   You should pay more attention to calming and moisturizing your skin than usual.   It is better to apply lotion type products with a refreshing finish rather than oily products.

Aloe Vera, Ceramide or Centella, Panthenol, Niasan Amide, Green Tea Leaf Extract, etc., ingredients that help calm and moisturize the skin can help to alleviate trouble.

Sunscreens are recommended physical sunscreens rather than chemical ones

4) What should I do if I have to put on make-up?

how to make-up to avoid skin trouble by wearing mask in COVID19kin tr

When wearing a mask, make-up and skincare should be minimized, but if you must do makeup, you should avoid oils, sealants, and comedomogenic ingredients that can make acne worse.

Squalane, dimethicone, shea butter, olive oil, etc. belong to the sealant component, and lanolin, coconut oil, mink oil, seaweed extract, etc. belong to the comedomogenic component.

It is also recommended to avoid balm or oil type skincare and makeup products. When making base makeup, it should be as light and matte as possible

3. Daily skin care method to reduce trouble

Taking proactive measures to prevent skin problems caused by wearing a face mask in advance is more important than treating after a problem occurs

Daily management method with great effect

Three steps of effective daily skin care

The reason why trouble occurs when wearing a mask is as follows.

Due to the high humidity in the mask, the oil and moisture balance of the skin collapses, and it is habitually touched by the hand, or skin trouble occurs due to friction with the mask.

Therefore, it is necessary to properly balance the skin’s oil and moisture and strengthen the skin barrier.   And if you don’t touch your face with your hands, you can minimize this trouble

Three steps to take care of your skin trouble daily
1. Cleaning sebum and waste
  • Use an oil cleanser to dissolve sebum and waste products on the skin.
  • Use foam cleanser to remove oil left on your skin.
  • If you have oily skin, avoid using an oil cleanser and use a foam cleanser
Cleaning skin to proect skin trouble
Cleaning skin to proect skin trouble
2. Care for oil and moisture balance

Dry skin should not be too dry. For oily skin, adjust excess oil to balance oil and moisture.

To do this, it is recommended to apply a skin toner containing ingredients that balance oil and moisture.

When applying a skin toner, use your hands and gently apply it to your skin, then tap it to soak well.   If you have severe skin problems, you can use a spray-type skin toner and spray it on your face.   If the skin type is dry, you can apply it with a cotton pad.

Care for oil and moisture balance
3. Moisturizing and skin barrier strengthening

Moisturizes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier.    Moisturize and apply evenly to the skin using a moisturizing and soothing cream.

Moisturizing and skin barrier strengthening
Moisturizing and skin barrier strengthening
Difference between moisturizing function and moisture function

The moisturizing function prevents the skin from drying out, and the cream with moisturizing function has an oily layer, so dry skin is suitable for use.

Moisture function is a function that provides moisture to the skin and it is suitable for use on oily skin because it is fresh after applying compared to moisturizing lotion or cream

4. Other points you should know when wearing a mask

In order to wear the mask for a long time in the hot summer, you need to wear a cool mask and do not tighten it, but rather loosely

In order to wear the mask for a long time in the hot summer, you need to wear a cool mask and do not tighten it, but rather loosely.

If you are sweating, carry a spare to change to a new one.

It’s a good idea to take off your mask when you’re alone or in a private car.

If the mask becomes too moist, you need to replace it with another or dry it to lower the moisture

It's a good idea to take off your mask when you're alone or in a private car
it is good to apply only a few basic products suitable for the skin condition of the day

In case of excessive use of various basic cosmetics such as skin toner, lotion, essence, moisture cream, and moisturizing cream, the product cannot be absorbed into the skin and remains as a residue, which can cause skin trouble.

Therefore, it is good to apply only a few basic products suitable for the skin condition of the day

Applying Vaseline to the face can temporarily soften the skin, but it creates a fat film in the stratum corneum and the skin becomes dry over time.

Applying Vaseline to trobuled skin that caused by wearing face mask is not good idea
Applying Vaseline to trobuled skin that caused by wearing face mask is not good idea

In conclusion, to minimize skin troubles caused by wearing face masks...

After going out and coming back:

(1)  cleansing the face thoroughly

(2)  trimming the skin with a non-irritating skin toner

(3)  applying a product that helps to soothe and regenerate the skin

(4)  and get a good night’s

simple way to minimize skin problems by wearing face mask

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